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Lawn Care Services

Check out our list of lawn care services below

Weekly Lawn Care & Maintenance

Receive weekly mowing and trimming of your property with professional-grade equipment to keep your lawn looking great. Highland Landscaping LLC will inspect your lawn and notify you if anything additional needs done throughout the year.

De-thatching & Core Aeration

Get your yard ready in the spring with Highland Landscaping LLC's de-thatching and Core Aeration Services. Learn the benefits below.

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Mechanical Edging

Give your property that crisp, finished look with Highland Landscaping LLC's Mechanical Edging Service. This is a process that cuts a line between the grass and the edge of a sidewalk, driveway, or curb line. This provides a clean look and greatly helps with snow shoveling in the winter by not having that extra material hanging over the driveway or sidewalk.


Irrigation Maintenance & Repair

Highland Landscaping LLC will start up your sprinkler system in the spring by looking over all of the sprinkler heads and ensure that everything is working properly. We will replace any heads that are not working properly or adjust them to cover the desired area. Then in the fall, we will shut the sprinkler system down to prevent any freezing of water in the lines. This includes blowing out the sprinklers with a large air compressor to have a worry free winter and easy start up in the spring.

Highland Landscaping LLC can also repair and fix any issues with your sprinkler system.

Spring & Fall Clean-Up

Enjoy the ease Highland Landscaping LLC's Spring & Fall Clean-Up Service. We will haul all of the leaves and debris out of your landscaping beds and yard leaving your property looking clean and professional.

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